Stockholm International School - elevengagemang och handlingskompetens


För det stora elevangemanget på skolan där elevernas handlingskompetens resulterat i större skräpplockaraktiviteter och där en av skolans elever föreläste om engagemang och handlingskraft för Grön Flagg-verksamheter under våren 2021. För skolans aktiva arbete med såväl lokala som globala frågor inom lärande för hållbar utveckling.


Berätta om skolans Grön Flagg-råd. Vilket uppdrag har eleverna i rådet?
At SIS, the ‘Green Flag' group is a collaboration between the student group 'Roots and Shoots' and design teachers. The ‘Roots and Shoots’ group is headed by 4 students. Students from across all sections of the school form part of the 'Roots and Shoots' team. The 'Roots and Shoots' group focuses on sustainability issues at the school, such as recycling, rubbish awareness, global and local. Previous activities included seminars to all school sections, clean-up days, online seminars focusing on sustainability. Stephanie B (teacher) oversees the ‘Green Flag' project at SIS. She meets with the board members (4 students) every two weeks for 30

minutes to discuss progress and brainstorm projects/activities/events and provides a communication link to the head of school/dean to support the 'Roots and Shoots' projects.

The ‘Green Flag' group informs the school community via posters, a student-led newspaper, and the official online newsletter 'Dispatch' from SIS. In addition, a specific sustainability website is maintained, highlighting current trends, innovations, political and human aspects in relation to sustainability.


Hur har resten av skolans elever fått vara med och agera och göra skillnad för en hållbar utveckling på er skola, i närsamhället, nationellt eller globalt?

The entire student community is invited to participate in the ‘Green Flag’ initiative. Organised events range from trash pick-up days, to recycling in school, separation of waste and student workshops focusing on sustainability. As an example, this year the student community was invited to send in sustainable recipes for a ‘sustainable cookbook’, with a focus on limiting food waste. This book was published digitally, in order not to waste resources

SIS has an international student profile, with students coming from over 50 countries. Through lectures of the ‘Roots and Shoots’ team, and projects taught in the design curriculum, students gained an awareness of the environmental impact of their choices, cross borders. An example is creating product life cycles, and how consumer behaviour can impact our environment, increase or reduce our own carbon footprint through adjusting daily choices. Interestingly, this information and change in behaviour even reached the students’ families abroad, which created an impact on their own behaviour.


Hur har ni spridit ert Grön Flagg-arbete så att fler kan inspireras till att bidra till en hållbar utveckling?

We spread the focus on the ‘Green Flag’, with a focus on sustainability and informed choices, through our sustainability website https://sites.google.com/intsch.se/sustainability/home?authuser=0 reaching the school community as well as families of students abroad. Parents were invited to participate in the activities, such as SIS’s ‘walk to school’ initiative (to limit carbon footprint) as well as the

‘coastal clean up’ day. Our cookbook was well appreciated by the families, raising awareness of food waste while offering a solution to it.

In addition, one of our students, Fanni Välisalo, gave an online seminar with support of the ‘Green Flag’ initiative, highlighting the work her ‘Roots and Shoots’ team does at SIS (regarding handlingskraft and engagement).


Vilka nya kunskaper har er Grön Flagg-resa gett er? Hur kommer ni använda era nya kunskaper i era framtids resor?

Foremost we realised that although we managed to organise successful events, raise awareness and offered some solutions, a lot still needs to be done! We realised through our work that positive change can be achieved through small, manageable steps. A cookbook, a website, a cleanup day. We worked by the motto ‘every little helps’. By making tasks bite-size, more people participated and felt they all can make a change. We will take this approach for this years’ ‘Green Flag’ journey too.

Making projects and events fun and taking the burden and complexity out of them, will make more students and parentsparticipate. We also released that good communication is important. Not to shy away from ringing authorities, asking for help etc. Being brave is necessary. Such as Fanni giving her online workshop - this is a daunting task for a 14-year-old and she managed well!


Har ni haft några samarbeten utanför skolan? Om ja, berätta mer om dem.

During the UN Global Goal project (conducted in design class) students chosen one UN Global Goal and design a product that would support reach that goal by 2030. For their research, the students needed to contact external agencies, specialists etc to gain a better understanding of the issues. Fanni Välisalo, student at SIS, held an online workshop highlighting our approach to the ‘Green Flag’, and has been in close contact with the Green Flag association throughout. Stephanie B has been in contact with other school representatives in Stockholm, such as Michael Foster from Internationella Engelska Skolan, to share our experiences and to possibly cross-collaborate on next years’ journey.

Varför har ni valt att jobba med Grön Flagg?

‘As part of our mission, SIS looks to have a positive impact upon our greater community and by how we act as global citizens. We aim to be Global Citizens who are respectful, resilient and reflective learners in our daily actions towards ourselves and others. We embrace our responsibility to actively make a positive impact on our local and international environment. Our dedication to being a ‘Green Flag’ school correlates with our beliefs to help our students develop a global mindset and to create a positive impact on our environment. Our first step is to think globally but act locally, with the support of the Green Flag initiative.’

/ Michael Moore, Middle School Principal, Stockholm International School