Sustainable periods

Vinnare av Unga Reportrar - Sustainable Periods


Av: Khadeejah Bucha, Ida Ljunggren, Tara Ramel Goldin and Roxana Kazemzadeh, ISLK, Sweden


The menstrual cycle is a cycle of changes in the ovaries & the lining of the uterus for the preparation of an egg for fertilisation. periods make conceiving possible. However, products for your period negatively impact our environment.

Period products are necessary but they take 500-800 years to decompose. Women use around 240 tampons & 60 pads a year. The most common products that are used- tampons and pads- contain plastic. This plastic ends up on beaches and in dumps.

Today, people have innovated and created solutions for our problems. According to Globalcitizen.org the plastic takes so long to decompose that if Jane Austen used them they would still be decomposing today! August's products decompose within 8-12 months making them biodegradable, period underwear & menstrual-cups are reusable. Lets just say, menstruation is getting a makeover!

We encourage you to switch over to environmentally friendly products. Please stop putting plastic near your body!