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The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation

A non-profit organization that promotes recycling and combats litter through public awareness campaigns and environmental education.

About us

The Foundation was founded in 1983 by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the company Returpack. Its origins, however, is in the Keep Nature Tidy campaign that was launched in 1963 by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. The Foundation logotype was introduced at this time: the spruce forest reflected in a lake – a symbol for clean water and unspoiled nature.

What we do

Campaigns against litter

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We change attitudes and behaviour regarding littering through our campaigns. Keep Sweden Tidy has been organizing Litter Picking Days for decades and not just to help clean up the environment temporarily. It is our belief that if you pick up litter, you start discovering the impact that even the smallest piece of litter has.

The Nordic countries are connected and surrounded by water, and marine litter also affects the Nordic countries. That is why we organize the Nordic Coastal Cleanup Day, where we gather people from all over the Nordic countries to help save our coasts from litter. Close to 200 000 people have joined the movement so far.

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Knowledge and facts about littering

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Keep Sweden Tidy has with support from Statistics Sweden and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency developed methods for measuring litter in a number of environments – cities, towns, beaches and parks.

Litter measuring reveals the extent of the litter and what it consists of. The results can be used to evaluate and adjust the actions being taken to reduce littering. Litter is a problem handled by the 290 Swedish municipalities and Keep Sweden Tidy provides methods and tools to facilitate their strategic work. 

Educating children and youths

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Keep Sweden Tidy educates children and youths about environment through our Eco-Schools Program, which aim to empower students to be the change our sustainable world needs by engaging them in fun, action-orientated learning.

With Young Reporters for the Environment, we also give young people a platform to research environmental issues and promote solutions through investigative reporting, photography, and video journalism.

Both are international programs of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Ocean Alliance

We gather Sweden's companies and organizations in the Ocean Alliance – with a common vision towards plastic-free oceans.

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