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Ocean Alliance

Out goal is to become Sweden's largest community for plastic-free oceans. Together with companies, organizations and municipalities, we  want to strengthen Sweden's circular plastic economy.

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Together for plastic-free oceans

The Ocean Alliance is a five-year initiative where different types of companies and organizations can participate and contribute to strengthening the circular plastic economy in Sweden. 

Does your company produce, sell, buy or use any kind of plastic? Then you have an important part in the change towards a circular plastics economy, regardless of how big or small your company are. As a member of the Ocean Alliance, you have the opportunity to network and get inspiration in the challenges you face, take part in other companies solutions and get access to tools to support your journey.

Businesses that rethinks plastics

In this report we say hello to different business that are rethinking plastics.

The report is filled with inspiration from different actions taken that all are very much about moving away from taking, making and wasting to a circular plastics economy.

Watch the seminar here »


Ocean Alliance seminar with Malin and Anders

Watch our seminars where we discuss different topics related to a circular plastics economy.

You find all of our seminars here »



We created a toolbox to support your organization in the transformation towards a circular plastics economy.

To the toolbox »


Havsalliansen podcast

This is the podcast "Hello, plastic-free oceans!" where you can join in on the ride towards a circular plastics economy in Sweden! Available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Listen to our podcast here »


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If you have questions, suggestions or want to start a collaboration - get in touch with us! Here you apply for membership.

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