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Ocean Alliance

We gather Sweden's companies and organizations in an Ocean Alliance – with a common vision towards oceans with no plastics.

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Together for plastic-free oceans

We have a report!

Welcome to join in on the launch event (April 19, 2022) of the report where we say hello to business that are rethinking plastics.  

Join in to get filled with inspiration from different actions taken that all are very much about moving away from taking, making and wasting to a circular plastics economy.  

Read the report here

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Havsalliansen podcast

This is the podcast "Hello, plastic-free oceans!" where you can join in on the ride towards a circular plastics economy in Sweden! Available wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Ocean Alliance seminar with Malin and Anders

Welcome to join our seminars where we discuss different topics related to a circular plastics economy.

You find all of our seminars here



We’re developing a toolbox to support your organization in the transformation towards a circular plastics economy.

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Get inspired by 22 voices about different entry points to a circular plastics economy for businesses.

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Check our video about the Ocean Alliance

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Could Ocean Alliance be useful for your organization? In this video you get the big picture of the Ocean Alliance's idea and purpose in less than two minutes.

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Questions and answers about the Ocean Alliance

Many other countries have a national plastics pact, is Ocean Alliance that as well?

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Plastics Pact Network gathers national and regional initiatives that all aim to reduce plastic waste and pollution. One of the requirements to enter the Plastics Pact Network is to have the official support of the nation's government. The Ocean Alliance is aligned with the vision and targets of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Plastics Pact Network but is yet not an official national plastics pact.

Does the Swedish Government support the initiative?

The Swedish Government have decided to engage in and support the European Plastics Pact, where they work at a European level. However, the Swedish Government does not yet support the national initiative Ocean Alliance, even though they are positive about it.

What do you mean with market transformation and to strengthen the transition?

With the Ocean Alliance, we want to support companies, municipalities and other organizations in the transformation and find better solutions so that we as a collective can approach a circular plastics economy. Approaching a circular future requires a change in the way we utilize our resources. Specifically, it's obvious looking at the use of single-use plastics.

How do you make sure that the Ocean Alliance fulfils its purpose?

The function and impact of the Ocean Alliance are evaluated yearly by an external Advisory Board, which is comprised of external experts and NGOs.

How is the Ocean Alliance financed?

The Ocean Alliance is self-financed by the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation.